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Cooking class hoi an is located in the countryside of Cam Thanh, this is considered as a "Pearl of Southern Vietnam", located right in the heart of Hoi An city. It is well-known for not only the seven-hectare water coconut forest which went down in history along with the quiet river and immense green rice fields but also the eco-tourism zone that you should not miss when visiting Hoi An.

At cooking class hoi an, we offer you something completely unique. We will begin our adventure in the Ancient Quarter. First, a stroll through the Explore Hoi An Local Market to purchase all fresh ingredients for the class. Then, we board our river basket boat for a relaxing 30-minute ride on the Thu Bon river.

We then walk through the vegetable fields to our teaching kitchen overlooking the water coconut trees and rows of vegetables while you enjoy the cool breeze and the peaceful setting of the countryside.

Vietnamese cuisine has a number of popular dishes from North to South with each region having their own signature dishes. At cooking class hoi an, we follow the menu created to give you a selection of appetizers, main dish and soup that portrays Vietnamese cuisine from all three main regions: Banh Xeo from the Central region (prepared Hoi An style), banana flower salad, Pho Bo cooked Ha Noi style (i.e. without sugar). And also, Goi Cuon Tom, or prawn spring rolls (where we will avoid 4-5 common mistakes so yours will be delicious).

Each dish is demonstrated first, then it's your turn to replicate at your individual cooking station and make your own delicious Vietnamese appetizer. Then on to the next appetizer or main.

Finally, as you still savor the tastes and knowledge of amazing Vietnamese food, we board the basket boat back, dropping you off in the Old Town of Hoi An, where this amazing journey started.


TOUR PRICE: 699.000 vnd/pax (30$)

08:00/ 14:00: Picking up the tourists in the hotel by car.

08:30/ 14:30: Tasking the tourists to Hoi An market.

09:15/ 15:15: Tasking the tourists to Cam Thanh commune by boat.

10:00/ 16:00: Tasking the tourists enjoying to row a bambo basket boat.

10:45/ 16:45: Tasking the tourists by bicycle, study cooking and enjoy lunch.

12:45/ 18:45: Back at your hothel in Hoi An by car.

The menu includes:

1) Prawn spring rolls

2) Rice pancakes

3) Lotus Rhizome Noodles

4) Quang noodlle soup

5) Grilled fish in banana leaf

6) Complimentary fruit juice

7) Fruit for dessert

Include: 1 bottle , 1 passion juice , cold towel, car, boat trip, bamboo baskest, English speaking guide


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