Welcome To Minh Loan Phat Cooking Class


Cooking Class Hoi An is the countryside of Cam Thanh, this is considered as a "Pearl of Southern Vietnam", located right in the heart of Hoi An city. It is well-known for not only the seven-hectare water coconut forest which went down in history along with the quiet river and immense green rice fields but also the eco-tourism zone that you should not miss when visiting Hoi An....

Come to Cooking class hoi an, you will join a sailing trip to travel around coconut forest in Cam Thanh village. Located about 4km east of Hoi An Ancient Town, there is a hidden ecological village in Cam Thanh - a typical rural village in Vietnam. On the way back to the village, you can admire beautiful scenery with traditional images and agricultural activities. From dry rice grains to buffalo scenes on paddy fields or coconut leaves on the roadside. Through this you can have a complete and deep view of the rural cultural life of the local people as well as the novelty of Cam Thanh village.

Not only that, here you are taught and practice cooking for 2 hours, exploring the culinary arts and culture of Vietnam. As well as enjoy the local folk food such as Quang noodle, fried spring rolls, grilled fish in banana leaves, banana flowers, .. Come to Hoi An Cooking Class to enjoy the relaxing and comfortable moment. You will really enjoy cooking classes, culinary visits and great travels.